Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Some of you might have gotten a referral email from our family for Vonage. I thought it would let me add a personal note, but it did not. I just wanted to tell you that we switched about three months back and love it.

We were spending about $65 each month for our phone line. We thought about getting rid of the home line to save money. I don't think that would work for us. We need a home line. When Jason and I are both out and away from the home the kiddos need to be able to make calls. We figured that even if the line is necessary, we hardly ever used it. We needed to lower that bill as much as possible. We were happy to discover and make the switch to Vonage. The switch was a little tricky but once it was completed we became very happy. You even get to keep your current phone number so little changes except the bill.

Our one fear was 9-1-1. Jason had heard that it could be an issue. The phone goes through the Internet and not the phone lines. This does not allow 9-1-1 to trace your location. Well vonage does have a service for that. It is part of your phone number and you just have to register. There is a special link once your number is switched over. If you follow the link you can get it all set. We had no problems setting it up and then using it when Jumba was choking.

We are not trying to push it for any reason other than it saves us $$ SOOOOO MUCH MONEY $$ that we wanted to share. If you switch, good luck. If you want a referral for the summer plan let us know. We can both get 2 months free if you sign up in the next 2 weeks.

Stay in Touch with Unlimited Calling
Get unlimited local and long distance calling plus 25 phone features for only $24.99/month*. Vonage uses your high-speed Internet connection to provide award-winning audio quality - you can even keep your phone number^ and use your existing home phone.

A Win-Win Offer for Everyone
Since you were referred through the Vonage Refer-A-Friend program, both you and your friend will receive exclusive savings - try Vonage today and you'll both get up to 2 Months FREE†! That's simply the best offer available!

So without pushing if you sign up go through someone you know that way both parties benefit. No matter what sign up. You will save tons of money and be happy that you did. Let me know if you want a personal referral letter from us. You can also just go to Vonage.com and use our home phone number as the referral number. Thanks for considering it.

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