Monday, February 11, 2008

Baby Khloe' is out of Surgery, Praise God!

Thank you all for all of your prayers!! Please say a few more for Khloe’ as she recovers. I will post her mom's update again but it is good news. Now the problems are known and they are no longer fighting the unknown’s and what if’s. I beg you to continue to uplift this family in prayer and I thank each of you for once again answering the call to pray.

We just finished meeting with the surgeon. He said that all the repairs went well, as he expected. . . All in all, surgery went well and the repairs are good. The pressures in her heart all measure very good, and she required little medication to get off the bypass machine. In fact, he said most children don't do well coming off the bypass, but our Khloe' didn't have any problems at all. She is fiesty!!

Praise God that all went well. We are waiting to see her now. Please pray for our strength to endure this sight, and for Khloe's strenght to recover quickly so she can be taken off the ventilator. Thanks be to God! Thanks to all of you for your constant prayers today and in the past days. God be with you all and God be with our precious Khloe'.

Kiley, Khloe's mom at 7:00 p.m.

I didn't realize how upset I was about this until I found out that her heart had started back up. I had a hard time today. It is amazing how this friend’s experience has taken us right back to those feelings of fear and dread and then relief and joy that we felt so personally just a few short years ago. Once again thank you for all your support two and half years ago when our own Moogie needed those prayers. Thank you God for bringing Khloe’ through today and thank you for allowing our Moogie to continue to live her life with a healed heart!

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