Monday, February 11, 2008

Khloe's mom's 1:30p.m. update

Khloe' has been on the bypass machine since 11:30am, she is doing well. The echo images were correct, so PRAISE GOD the surgeon will do the complete repair. He will begin with the small amount of tissue he has to remove from the right ventricle, next he will cut and widen the pulmonary artery and valve, then repair the hole between the ventricles, and then connect the left pulmonary artery that is disconnected. Once all the repairs are done, they will do another echo before they close her up to make sure everything is working as it should. There was also an issue of a subclavian artery that he had to release, but the nurse didn't mention that. Another update will follow around 3pm. Keep praying for Dr. Morales, he has been in with Khloe' all this time and I am sure he is needing strenght and precision right now. We are holding up but it is just about unbearable. Thank you all for lifting us up in prayer.
Kiley, Khloe's mom 1:30 p.m.

This update brought J and I to tears. Remembering that time in waiting while we knew that Moogie was on the perfusion machine was agony. We felt so alone, even though we were together, food didn't taste, we could hear and see people but we didn't interact, time was still, we dreaded each minute and yet were glad when it passed. The only hope we had was the tangible prayers we could "feel" from all of you. We couldn't pray our selves; at least we didn't "feel" like we could pray. We were very disconnected. I imagine that it is what purgatory must be like. The relief comes only when the little one heart starts back up again after the repairs. I pray that Khloe' will continue to be strong and do well and that God will continue to guide the doctors and staff.

I will copy more when we have more information.

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