Friday, March 28, 2008

Dress tradition

Traditions are fun. It seams like simple family activities are always becoming traditions in our home. Each child getting more excited than the last as they reach a certain stage. This was evident this past week. We have finally set the date and made the plans to visit St. Louis and our dear friend Fr. Tom Keller. We will have Cowboy baptized and Moogie will finally make her first Holy Communion.

Once plans were made it was time to spend some money and enjoy another tradition or two. When it was time for Pooker to make First Communion, Moogie had just been born. As a baby Moogie cried all the time! She would calm down for just Pooker,her daddy or me. This meant that while I was cooking dinner Pooker was holding the baby, or while I trying to settle Moogie down, Pooker was helping by taking Sugar to the potty. Pooker was always so helpful!! So when it came time to buy her First Communion dress her daddy said to take her out shopping and to make a big deal of the time. The two of us had a blast, just mom and Pooker. We found the perfect dress, the perfect veil and had a nice dinner together.

Jump forward a few years and it is now Goobers turn. Apparently Pooker and I set the tradition. Pooker wasn't going to miss out so the rule was that the shopping was to be done by all women that have already made their Communions. The 3 of us headed out.
Poor Bear, no such traditions were set in place for the boys. Sugar and her sisters and I had purchased her dress before our travels to St. Louis. Bear and I took Mimi and made a last minute trip to the mall for his suit. He looked great and never complained.

So here we are on our shopping trip for the perfect dress for Moogie. Pooker, Goobers, Sugar and I were all there to help and give our opinions.

I got to sit and watch the sisters enjoy each other's comments as Moogie tried on dress after dress. I can only imagine that our future will hold many more days like that. We have two more girls to make their First Communion and to need dresses and then all those weddings. What joy!!!!

The second part of the tradition is that the girls get their ear pierced as the present from mom and dad. They always want to have it done for the big day so that you can see their earrings in the pictures. Don’t worry while all this seams superficial we have also been working on the spiritual aspect of this very important day.


  1. Beautiful traditions, beautiful pictures, beautiful family! Happy Easter, T's!!

  2. I can't WAIT to see you guys! I think it's getting closer. We have about 4 very interested buyers and 1 has written a contract. They haven't turned it over yet as they are waiting to give us their loan approval letter. Hope the offer is worth entertaining.


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