Monday, March 10, 2008

Hannah Montana VIP Party

Did you hear!!???!!! Lots of screams of delight, lots of singing and dancing, lots of young girls going crazy for a little while. Maybe you already knew that Hannah Montana, THE HANNAH MONTANA, was here in Houston the other night. She gave a rockin show at the Rodeo on Sunday 3-9-08.

Well not all the screams were to be heard from down town.
Some came from our own "T Stadium". We had a blast!!

I doubt that we would have had more fun if we were actually at the concert. Thanks for coming to town Hannah and giving the girls an excuse to have some extreme girl time. We dressed up, had a photo shoot, ate delightful treats, laughed through an episode of the show, got creative and made frames, sang and danced the afternoon away.

Were we a tad over the top. Yes but it was all in fun. The group of girls that came to party with us are all very level headed young women and we all enjoyed the time to let our hair down and dance. Thanks to all the ladies that helped the T girls have a Rockin' good time.

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