Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dad visits Hawaii

We had a different kind of week. Dad was attending a business meeting in Hawaii. Apparently his company met sales numbers enough times in a row that they treated the employees to a meeting scheduled this year in Hawaii. As much as we like the little break from the family routine we still have a hard time apart. Almost every night one of the kiddos came to our bed because they missed their daddy. The older ones knew that we would stay up later and they loved that part, but they all missed dad.

Dad was in Honolulu and did enjoy the time with his work friends. They were treated to a tour of Pearl Harbor and the memorials. My dear husband J is a history major and an avid reader of American history.

Even though he doesn't have the love of the camera that the kiddos and I share, he still took a camera.

J had another good year with work in ’07. Here is a picture of J and his peers in regards to meeting their numbers again. Way to go J.

He only spent a few hours on the beach on free afternoon. I would be burnt but he came back with a nice color to him.We are so glad to have him back, and we missed him terribly. Once he gets back on our time zone schedule life will be back to normal. Please offer up a prayer for all those that have lost loved ones defending our beautiful country. We are so blessed!

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