Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Have you ever heard of a Bumbo? They are apparently one of the hottest newer baby things out there. We are so 'up on the trends' that I am surprised that we even heard of this contraption.
We got one and I must say that Cowboy loves this expensive thing.
Is it something that every one must have to be a better parent and to allow your child the best childhood ever?


Is is cool, fun and am I glad we got one?



  1. They have recalled the Bumbo here in MO. Some kids do manage to flip out of them and when placed on a table or countertop, they can of course get hurt. We've had two of them here at the daycare for the past year and we love them. We only use them on the floor though, so we're not too worried about the recall. Hopefully I didn't burst your bubble on your new found Bumbo. Just don't put Cowboy up on anything....we'd like him to stay in one piece.....
    Love ya,

  2. Remember I think like a daycare provider all the time. (So he is never up high!) I don't know if I just never lost that or if I just have sooooo many!?! The thing comes with a million warnings now. Thanks for the heads up. I agree that I don't want anything to happen to Cowboy.

    It is so funny, he really is never left alone! Poor guy has 6 extra moms,not to mention the 2 extra dads that try to protect him from all that girl love.

    You haven't noticed the Bumbo keeping the kiddos from learning to sit on their own have you? That would be my one concern with too much Bumbo time.
    In Him,

  3. When is that kid getting Baptized?


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