Friday, March 7, 2008

Dad's a NUD

Bagel is not pleased with her daddy's new eye glasses. We spent hours searching for the perfect pair. I find his selection to be a good match for his face. My dear husband has needed glasses for reading since I have known him. I like them but he doesn't wear them often. He lost his last pair awhile back and so Bagel just isn't used to seeing him in glasses. He and I went to pick up the glasses the other evening. She was in bed when we arrived at home. The next day we had forgotten that she hadn't seen the glasses. She walked past him and look up at him.
"Hey dad, you're a nud!"
I disagree with her assessment but was amazed how young the kiddos are when they begin to see their parents as dorks and nerds. Oh well! Dad is the nerd (or NUD) so I get to be the dork!

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