Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How will they do labs?

I have heard it a million times over. All home schooling parents have been asked by well meaning friends, families and strangers about the lab activities in high school. I remember telling our pediatrician when Pooker was 4 ½ years old that we were looking into private school or home school.

I remember that his first response was,
“As her doctor I would advice you not to pursue the home schooling option. I am too concerned for her social well being.”

I remember looking at him and wondering what exactly I was paying him for. Did he see himself as her primary caretaker and I just did the dirty work? Was he arrogant enough to assume that his lengthy schooling in the study of pediatric medicine made him an expert on education, social development, and my family?
“I wouldn’t want you to be concerned, Doctor, but her father and I are researching our options and doing our homework . . .we have discovered a large home schooling community in the St. Louis area that will offer us outlets for many of your concerns.”

“Well what about the lab work for high school? You certainly can’t teach that? How will she learn these things? What if she wants to go into medicine but never has the opportunity to dissect because you have denied her access to the labs.”
the doctor responded.

Doctor so far we are talking about Kindergarten. What makes you think I am not qualified, for all you know I could have an advanced degree in biology?
(I don’t, but I could have!)

Shortly after that we had another situation that led me to believe that he was the type of Doctor that didn’t listen to his patience. He knew best and as his patience we owed it to him and to ourselves to listen. I employ my physicians to advise me in areas of medicine. Then it is when I solicit such advice. I also believe that the fundamental difference between my knowledge and the Doctor is his education. If I had chosen such a path I would have the same information. I no longer employee such Doctors.

I hope that dear man has not lost sleep over Pooker’s educational path, but he was not the only one to ask about labs. They must hold such fun memories for so many people. I always knew that I could order lab kits but never did. I was never worried about it until recently when our dear Pooker begged me to purchase a dissection kit to go with her biology book. She completed the class but still wanted to do those labs. She is looking at nursing so it is right up her alley.

I didn’t tell her the kit was on the way. It showed up as a huge surprise. Some of the siblings were grossed out but mostly curious.

She started digging into the kit the other day. She started with the earthworm. This has been received with squeals of delight. I can’t say that I love it but the kiddos do.

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