Sunday, February 17, 2013

Jan Catch Up Posts

Pizza Fun With Fr Tom  1-4-13

The Wedding    1-6-13

Sugar-Self Portrait  1-6-13

World War II Museum  1-13-13

My New Driver 1-15-13

Various January Shots  1-18-13

The Dreaded Drive  1-19-13

The D Family Breaks Bread 1-20-13

Visiting With Friends  1-21-13

Magical Time  1-22-13

Visit With Dads Family  1-22-13

Big Kids Head Out  1-23-13

Precious Adult Time with Miss Susie 1-24-13

This Is Where Twins Come From 1-25-13

Waiting For Big Kids To Return  1-25-13

The March for Life  1-26-13

Weary Travelers Return 1-27-13

Driving Home 1-29-13

Sorry, I know this was a lot.  It is taking me forever to post everything that I start.  Two teething babies that want to be comforted by nursing can take up a lot of mommy's time.  Enjoy all the pictures.  Hopefully I will get February done before the end of this month.

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