Friday, January 25, 2013

This Is Where Twins Come From

A beautiful place to visit:  Basilica of St. Louis, King of France "The Basilica of Saint Louis, King of France, formerly the Cathedral of Saint Louis, and colloquially the Old Cathedral, was the first cathedral west of the Mississippi River and until 1845 the only parish church in the city of St. Louis, Missouri." from Wikipedia.  Click to learn more about the Old Cathedral.  

So do you remember when we were in St. Louis for the girls First Holy Communion in October/November of 2011?  When J left for a business trip and Pooker had gone home, Miss Brenda and I took the rest of the gang to the Old Cathedral in St. Louis along the riverfront near the Arch.  If you click on those words it will take you to the that visit.  

We gave money to help with the upkeep of the beautiful old building and I let each one of the kids put money under the statues of their favorite Saints and light candles.  I then gathered everyone in one pew where we all shared our intentions and prayed together.  I asked each of the kiddos what they were praying for.  "I want to do good in school, I pray for Pooker and her school, I pray for Dad,  . . . oh and I pray we have another baby."  Each child had a version of this except princess.  I responded to each of them with, "I pray that God answers your prayers but I am too old to have another baby", to the next child, "I also ask God to Bless our school work but I am not sure there will be another baby coming, mom is old. (I had not had a visit from my monthly friend in well over 6 months - I thought I was finished.)   I had to keep from giggling as each child added the request on for more children as we prayed together.  I love how pro-life and pro-family they each were but when Princess said, " . . .  not only am I praying for another baby I am praying for TWINS!"  Cheers were heard from all the other kiddos when I made the fateful statement, "I am too old, God CAN'T do that!"  Looking back I know that the egg split right then and there.  You see we use natural family planning so once I discovered that I was pregnant I knew how far along I must have been at that moment in the church.  As it turns out our babies were identical twins that shared a placenta but not a sac so the split happened around a certain day after conception.  As it turns out it the split must have happened on that very day that I told the kids that our ALL POWERFUL GOD could not do something.  I am sure he laughed about it as he made sure we were having two babies.  I love His sense of humor and that my children all wanted more babies and prayed for our twins.

God answers prayers, my children know this as a fact.  A few days after praying for twins we find out that mom is expecting.  The kids all suspected twins.  J and I laughed at those thoughts until the ultrasound.
Thank you so much God for these beautiful special ladies.
We had to go back to that special church to give thanks.
As strange as it sounds the girls are connected to this place.  They lit up when we came in the doors.  They were happy and talkative.

Thank you.

Jumba - Beautiful - Princess - Bagel - Pickle - Adorable all giving thanks for our precious twins.


  1. HAHA!!! That is SUCH an awesome story!! God hears the prayers of children much more innocent than us. Which means I better prepare myself since my 4 year old has been BEGGING for a baby girl (not a boy). Love all the pictures :)

  2. Oh, your kids are all so beautiful--but those twins...they are just amazing to see--they are all a gift for us all to see!

  3. I erased a beautiful comment. I was on my iphone while nursing a baby. I am so sorry.


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