Monday, January 21, 2013

Visiting with Friends

We are so close to Fr. Tom as my friends all know but you might not realize that we are also close to his mom.  The older kids had a blast with her touring Italy.  We are so thankful that she helped the guys in dealing with the travel company and really made sure that they included everything that the group wanted.  
Mrs. Keller holding both babies like a pro.  Adorable is in the back and Beautiful in front.
Bear started the morning visiting the St. Louis Arch Diocese Seminary with Fr. Tom and Brendan.  (More on that visit and what it means, later!)
I love this group shot with Mrs. Keller and the MC and Brendan B.
Beautiful - Sugar - Adorable
Sugar loves playing with the babies.
Aunt Michelle holding our two cuties.  Adorable on left and Beautiful on right.

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