Sunday, January 20, 2013

The D Family Breaks Bread

My favorite part about visiting St. Louis is seeing my family.  I hate being so far from them that I only get to see each of them once a year if I am lucky.  My mom and her sister were close when I was growing up so I am also close to my cousins.  I asked one of them to gather the family for me she was able to get so many of them to join us for a big meal on Sunday afternoon.  I had a blast and am so thankful that so many were willing to give up their afternoon plans to join us. I would like to say I was the big draw but I suspect the kids were.  Everyone loves to see how much the kids have grown up and it is so fun to meet the twins.  

Uncle J holding Beautiful.
My precious niece.
Family around Mimi.
Miss Susie, my cousin Pat and me loving having all my family close by.
My brother with his baby girl.

Bagel and T man, my brother's son.
Bear looking at camera with family all behind.  Mami-Bit is my mom's sister, sitting in the left of this shot.  She is also my God-Mother.  She and I were very close during my younger years.
I love the room shots.  I miss all these people so much.
The two big boys holding the babies were the first set of twins that I fell in love with.  My cousin's twins are a week older than Bear.  When in St. Louis all the kids were very close.  I asked the boys if they liked being a twin. they laughed and reminded me that they didn't know it any other way.  They said that they were very close and they liked that.
My cousin has had lots of practice holding two.
A few weeks later I hear that this young man made it into his highschool of choice, which also is J's Alma mater.   Congrats D Man.
Beautiful reaching up to Adorable sitting up like a big girl.
After everyone left it took awhile to get these two settled down in the small crib.  They shared notes on all the family they met.

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