Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Day Traditions and Show

 So dad continued his tradition of getting flowers for all his girls, even the two new ones.
 The lady didn't know how to handle his remarks when she asked if the flowers were for his special girl and he replied, "Yes for all of them!"  "My goodness, how many do you have?"  "Just enough!"
 The kids once again designed a special show for mom and dad, this year we got fancy tickets and programs.
 The show as out side so we bundled up and got ready to enjoy the special entertaining.

Sugar worked with everyone and did a great job at leading this motley crew.

The acts were fantastic and had us all laughing.

It was another wonderful Valentine day and show.  No one could argue that we don't have a lot of love in this crazy house full of people.
I hope your day was as full of LOVE as ours was!

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