Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Wedding

Kat's dad got married this weekend.  As close as we have been over the last several years we were all invited to the ceremony and party afterwords.  Sugar was knowing that Kat would want her there.  When we loaded to car to head to the reception I was reminded that the reception had a Mardi Gras theme and that etouffee was being served.  Sounds like a perfect party BUT it then occurs to me that etoufee is often made with shrimp or crawfish.  Sugar can not be the same room as either of these fish.  She is just way too allergic.  J and went inside the reception all and checked it out.  We found that it would not be safe for her.  I hated having to pull her away.  She so wanted to spend the time with Kat and Kat's family.  I was so proud of Sugar.  She was devastated and yet agreed to leave with me.  She was respectful and obedient   She is so responsible with this very difficult allergy.      

Sugar w/Adorable and Beautiful on my side of table

Adorable eating the table
I love these three girls and I was very happy to have had the time with them!

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  1. So sorry that your daughter has to deal with this deadly allergy. I'm assuming she or you have an epi pen on you at all times. Do any of your other kiddos have food allergies? Also, how old was your daughter when you discovered she was allergic to shellfish? I worry about my kids developing allergies...we've got lots of other non-food related allergies that we are currently dealing with.


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