Sunday, January 13, 2013

World War II Museum

Dad spent the day with our neighbor in New Orleans.  He introduced Mr. K to a new World War II Museum a year ago.  Mr. K asked dad to take him back this month for the dedication of the US Freedom Pavilion:  The Boeing Center.  My dear husband is a history major with a real interest for world war two.  He loves visiting New Orleans, so Mr. K picked his travel partner well.

At the ceremony they paraded the veterans in to honor them.  J was so happy to see Mr. K in his glory proudly wearing his bomber jacket.

J loved the new addition to a museum and the time with such wonderful people.
Thank you Mr. K for serving our country.  Thank you also for sharing your time with J.

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  1. Looks like fun! We love touring naval/air museums, so it is hard to believe that we have yet to visit the National World War I (only one of its kind!) museum here in Kansas City. Would love to go with you and your clan!!! Plan a trip through KC next time you head to St. Louis. We would love to spend some time with your super-sized family!!!


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