Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Throw out the bath water!

One might assume that with all my babies that I would have experienced it all. One thing that I had never used before was a baby bath tub. It was never important to own one. They are not expensive but I could never justify spending $15 on something that I didn't need and that was kind of a silly thing. You might use it for a month or two, at the most. When we were surprised with the news that Cowboy was coming a dear friend that had a similar surprise the summer before gave me a box full of goodies. She asked me if I would want a baby bath. I laughed and told her that I always had wanted one but just never got around to buying one. She confessed that she had been the same way. I was so excited to have one to try. I did find that it is just as easy to use the sink but that this little bath tub isn't half bad. For us, it has meant that Cowboy's bath would be a production. I guess that makes it just like everything else in this well loved little life. Cowboy doesn't get to do much without constant fanfare and the paparazzi known as his siblings around. Anyway we are looking at Cowboy's last bath in the little tub. He was so tiny when he had his first bath and and now just 5 1/2 months later he is too ginormous to use it any more. At least I got to try the tub.

I enjoyed it and now can return it to that friend who has another surprise coming in a few months.


  1. I can't believe how big he is already! What a cutie!

  2. oh, I meant to add. I bought a tub with Brianna for about 15.00. I have used it with every kid since (5)... It's 16 years old and the cost per kid was 3.00. Not bad for not having to stoop over into the tub for a couple of months!! LOL

  3. What an awesome smile.... He "is" so darn cute Shann.... Plese give him a big kiss for me, even though he doesn't know who I am. HaHa

    Love ya


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