Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Cowboy's Giggle

My latest obsession has been trying to capture Cowboy's new giggle. I just love this phase with babies. He is just about 5 months old. He responds so much to Goobers. He doesn't talk to me or giggle with me the way he does with his big sister. Bear was expressing his frustration with that to me also. It just doesn't seam fair that Cowboy giggles out loud for Goobers, and Goobers alone. That being said it is the cutest giggle. I think that one the best therapies in the world is listening to a baby giggle. With that in mind I have been trying so hard to capture a giggle to share with grandparents and family that live far away.

What I have captured here for you does not even begin to do justice to this kiddos laugh. He will start and we all run to find the camera, by the time we get it running he is just about giggled out. Enjoy what we have and we will try for more later.

I know you would really like it if I could upload it. Sorry!

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