Thursday, January 10, 2008

That saint isn't working.

This happened a few weeks back and I forgot to mention it. I was on the phone with a friend and the little ones were playing upstairs. I was enjoying the little bit of peace as I finished the dishes and chatted away.

Out of the quiet Pickle came running into the room screaming that,
That Saint isn't doing his job, he isn't working!
You must remember that Pickle is the child that can pull any thought or idea out of thin air and then become obsessed over it. I have to answer his concerns no matter how far fetched they might be. If I neglect to respond he will get louder and louder while becoming more and more agitated. This one stumped me, where does one begin to figure out what that statement might mean.
What did you say.
That saint didn't do his job!
Honey what are you talking about? Which saint didn't do his job?
Saint Michael, he didn't do his job. I am so mad at him. I asked him over and over again and he isn't helping.

This poor little boy was speaking with complete earnest. It can be a difficult question to answer if done the wrong way. It can be like explaining why Santa didn't bring a gift or as even as hard as why God didn't answer a prayer. It can get complicated to respect the Saint and yet respect the child's earnest request. Combine that with the fact that I have been raised Catholic from the very beginning. I know who St. Michael is. You call on his help when a demon is taunting you. That might seam like an extreme to my non catholic friends but think of the movie the exorcist. My mind was going. I was thinking which priest I could call and where is the Holy Water. Those thoughts went through my mind very quickly, until I glanced back at my son. One can never try to guess what Pickle is talking about until you get the full explanation. That is just the way he is, God love him.
What do you mean babe, What did you ask St. Michael to do?
I asked him to find my robe and he won't help me.
I was so relieved to discover that my sweet little boy had just lost his bath robe and was not being temped by a devil. Everybody knows that it isn't St. Michael you call on to help you find things but St. Anthony. As I told him that he was asking the wrong saint and that is why he wasn't helping, Pickle's face became relaxed and happy again.
So what's that thing I should say to have St. Anthony help me find my robe?

Tony, Tony look around,
Something is lost and can't be found.

St. Anthony did not let Pickle down. The robe was located right away. St. Anthony helped with this little task and also restored this little boy's trust that the Saints will help him if he asks and it God allows. Thank you for your help St. Anthony and St. Michael.

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