Thursday, January 24, 2008

Stop growing up, you are stressing me out!

Poor Pooker had to deal with a moody mom today. We talked about ACTs, SATs, which colleges we want to visit and all other kinds of stress causing topics to high school juniors and their moms who don't ever want to let go. My husband and I have raised a beautiful, smart, and talented young woman. It is an honor to be in her presence much less to be her mother. When she becomes filled with the fear and anxiety of failing at these college endeavors, I get so upset. This is one talented woman. Pooker can do anything she sets her mind to. How do you get her to realize this? Not by yelling, as I discovered! I guess it is only fair to say mom is a tad stressed out as well.

While I am trying to talk with our Pooker, all the others were fluttering around, moving things and giggling. They had decided that one of my other babies, the little one was ready to grow up some more. I didn't agree. My baby is not ready for a high chair. While deep in thought and conversation with the oldest I turn around to this cutie sitting in his seat and acting like a big kid. Cowboy, mom is not ready for this.

Dear God,
I beg you to help me deal better with the stresses of a college bound teen and have that skill mastered by the time this little guy is headed out the door.
Love, Me

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