Thursday, January 10, 2008

No time for fooling around!

This morning Bagel really wanted to be bigger so she could pick up Cowboy. We never let her when he was tiny and now he is way too big. Cowboy is a chunk, he really is. Cowboy always has a smile on his face and his giggles are now the most celebrated sound in the house. We all stop what we are doing to hear his little voice and his laughing.

Bagel is taking her job as big sister very seriously. This morning I handed Bear a diaper for Cowboy while they sat on my bed before breakfast, Bagel said longingly I hope you have more babies when I am big enough to help. Bear laughed and walked out of the room.

As I settled on the bed to change the diaper I noticed that Bagel was trying to take care of it for me. Changing a diaper on a very active 5 month old is not easy for the professional much less a 3 year old. Bagel did a wonderful job but it did take a long time. As she tried to snap his outfit back together Cowboy grew more and more active. It was taking every thing my sweet baby girl had to try to snap his outfit. She could be heard saying
This is no time for fooling around!
over and over again. Dad and I don't use that phrase which made it sound so cute!

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