Saturday, June 10, 2017

Otters VS Cuda - Weird Meet for T Family

 So we could not hold off any longer.  The twins participated in their very first swim meet.

They did it! Congrats to Twin Adorable (Orange cap) and Twin Beautiful (pink cap) on their first swim meet. The older siblings love to point out that the twins had their first swim in the Cuda Pool. Years ago each one of the older kids has their first swim meet in that same pool. 

'Thank you!!!' to all the Otters and the Cudas who took those few minutes and cheered them on. Some of the Cudas remember the day we stopped a meet to pull all the Tiemeyer kiddos out of the pool and to the hospital to be there for the birth of these two. Now 5 short years later they are swimming across that very pool!

THEY DID IT and we are so proud of them.  I know that Coach Sugar worked hard to make sure this happened, as did each of the older siblings that worked with them.  We were all so happy.

It was an awesome moment that helped to make this 'homecoming' all the more special.  

The entire meet was a blast.  The B family came to the meet just to talk.  We had a blast.  Now we have the memories from the pool for the Twins.  
The Cudas won by a long shot but the Otters made a great showing.  It was also fun to be a that pool as a guest and not as a board member running around trying to take care of guests.  LOL.  Also this was the last dual meet of the season!  We are in the home stretch now people!  YEAH!

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