Monday, June 5, 2017

Sprint Sizzler

Two day swim invitational is upon us.  At least the meet is indoors.  It is hot outside!  Sunday all day and then Monday afternoon.  



Possible with Miss Dulay

Jumba waiting to swim.


Coach Sugar

I put all of our events on my arm so we wouldn't miss any.
Tent city during a rain delay is not a happy place to be.

Beautiful of the left and Adorable on the right.
More Jumba

More Bagel



More Pickle

Even more Jumba

The question is asked of the girls? "Do you like being a twin." Lately they have replied with, "No I hate my sister." I don't want them talking that way so I will redirect and say something like, "I understand that you are mad at or tired of being around your sister but I never want to hear, 'I hate' come out of your mouth." My worldly five year olds reply with an eye roll. This is them all day long. Together - holding hands - talking - playing - imagining- enjoying life. I guess I need to work on helping them to see how much they love spending time together. They are just so darn cute - together or apart. 

1st place in Division 2 at Sprint Sizzler!! Great job Otters!!

Great job Otters.

Swim little Dani's.

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