Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day Jason

Father's Day started with a blessing at Mass.
J wanted a quiet uneventful day.  Sugar and Possible surprised him with a gift - beautiful pieces of meat.
The party started after everything was prepared.  This man lives for fatherhood.  His kids adore him.

We went around the table and all offered some "thank you"s to J.  Bear made us all try as he pointed out how rare it is to have a dad that is so involved and that really cares about the details of his children's lives.

The food was so good.  The older ones sat around the fire pit with a few cigars to discuss their dad.
In moving onto deserts we decided to also get cakes to sing happy birthday to Bagel, Adorable and Beautiful.  It is hard to get everyone together in this family. When we are all together (and not standing next to a pool watching someone swim) we need to make the most of it.

So we cheered Dad for fathers day, Bagel for her 13th birthday (June16) and the twins for their 5th birthday (May 19).  In the end it was lots of singing, celebrating and cake eating.

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