Friday, June 16, 2017

Bagel's Birthday Breakfast - cake to come later!


"So today is One of my best friends 13th! birthday. Happy birthday Bagel you are so fun to be around. Thanks for being Bagel! I love you."

"We added another teen to the mix on Friday! Happy day of birth to this sweet, smart, hilarious and intense young lady. We love you , Bagel!"

"Warning! Important news, everyone's favorite T turns 13 today! So Happy Birthday to this little hottie! I'm so glad she is in my life, and to those who know her you are lucky and those who don't well I'm sorry! Your really missing out, Bagel is one of the coolest and sweetest people you will ever meet! Thanks for being awesome Bagel!"

Bagel's birthday comes in the middle of a very busy swim week.  She is always ready to celebrate on her day and then again later.  She is just such a beautiful young woman.

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