Thursday, March 15, 2018

Bucket List - Sleeping Outside

These kids have the craziest "to do list".  One of their most desired activities has been to sleep outside. 

Goof ball, took lots of blankets and popcorn and made that dream come true.

Early in the morning I brought the younger twins inside.  I din't want them to be too chilled.  
They did it, and they slept until the dogs ate the left over pop corn and woke them up.
The precious twins were snug on the couch.
These crazy kids are learning to take the small adventures with each other and doing so for the sake of accomplishment.  This will form them, they are learning to complete a task that is set before them. They are seeking ways to see all the adventures that are given them - even the small ones.  This helps them to learn to how the proper way to react when God sends them a big life adventure.

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