Friday, March 30, 2018

Egg Time

It is time to sort out the details that make Easter fun.  While we pray and attend services and say the stations of the cross to understand our Lord's love for us, we also do little things for preparing.  Eggs are a sign of new life and rebirth.  Christ died so that we have new life.   
Before we can color them we must prepare them.  60 eggs should be enough for all these guys to dye a few eggs.

I was quite surprised when Pickle came down and starting poking the eggs causing many of them to crack.  I don't know why he did it but I was furious.  I made a few more and hoped that we could all have a fun time together, coloring the eggs.

Good Friday meant one simple meatless meal.  We didn't even mind that we didn't have a lot because we were spending time with each other. JavaJava and Pooker had just returned from visiting with his family and were just in time for some serious egg preperations.

Everyone was home.  This time is rare.  Sugar flew in that afternoon, and Bear had arrived the evening before.  All my kiddos were here. Do you know what that means . . . a mess.  Let me just say that in the end there were only about 35 eggs that survived to be hidden by the Easter Bunny. It looks like they had fun.  I am thankful that the mess was outside!

This is one of my favorite pictures.  It isn't the pretty Easter shot but it is the Good Friday one.  We just have the messy first to get to the pretty.  We must go through Good Friday to arrive at Easter Sunday!

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