Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Family news is that Goobers decided to switch her major to business and switch to an online school.  Bear having finished at St. Gregory with the school clog was forced to move on.  He is decided to make the most of his time waiting for seminary classes to start  He is working on his MBA he also picked on online school.  Both are following Pooker's example.  They have chosen Western Governors University, AKA WGU.  I could not be prouder of these two.  They have chosen good paths.  I am sure they will both succeed.  



Pooker did a great job of acknowledging this on her own facebook page:
"Shout out to Goobers and Bear! They both started at WGU and are killing it. Bear has finished three classes in a month already for his MBA and Goobers has started ticking away at her Business degree. Goobers’s schedule is so flexible now and it’s so nice. Bear is off at a parish in OK, and he’s still able to get his classes done. It’s good to know that the business school is working for people as well! Proud of you both."

If you are interested in the WGU follow this link for a referral from Pooker.  Pooker would recommend this school and now so do Goobers and Bear.  I am one proud mom!

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