Wednesday, July 31, 2013

14 Months old and the Trouble Begins

Walking is in full force now.  Now that these two are mobile I am having trouble keeping up with them.  They are making a mess in one room while I am in another cleaning up the last mess.  The interaction between them is so much fun to watch.  They entertain each other and love each other very much. 
B in the top of bed with A in her side

B splashing water while sitting on table

A turning TV on and Off
One issue is that they have discovered talking to each other.  This is great except for Mass.  During this special quiet time the two try share with each other while the rest of the congregation is quiet.  That resulted in some fun time walking the halls.
A in lead with B following

B to the left and A to the right

B on top B on bottom of pic



A in back and B close
Don't be shocked it is just another mess.
B on top of A
A had hand on B's back
But don't worry they have got each other's backs.  I do love the above picture,  one of my absolute favorites. 

These two are either asleep, messing some stack of papers up, or climbing up onto something.  Here they are in the windowsill.  They know they were busted and are still all giggles. 

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