Monday, July 29, 2013

Good News but we Still have Headaches

Poor Goobers is still having head aches.  Our Doctor ordered an MRI for her.  Why is she still having headaches?  Her glasses have helped but she is still plagued by headaches.  The doc wants to rule out anything major and then we will start attacking the headache.   
This was not a big deal for Goobers but it was for mom.  This is a young woman that knows who she is and she feels that she is ready for her future (and she would like it to be head ache free).  

The good news is that the test came back clean.  Goobers has a pretty brain.   There are not any tumors or abnormalities that are behind the pain.  That is a huge relief.  I record these things just to keep track.  Thank you God for our Goobers, her beautiful brain and we just ask that we can find a solution to her pain. 

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