Sunday, July 21, 2013

14 Month Old and A Bad Habit

We were so happy to be home again.  I personally could not wait to hug and kiss each and every child.  Until this trip I had nursed the babies at least one a time a day (usually at night.)  At this point it was more for me than for them.  The trip let us put an end to that.  The babies are walking now all the time.  They don't often go in opposite directions, instead they lead each other around.  One habit that has developed is picking apart their diapers.  For some crazy reason they prefer to take off and play with their poopy diapers.  YUCK!!!   YUCK!!!   YUCK!!!  So now even though it is very hot outside I am putting them into any kind of pants I can find and in winter type sleepwear.    


So far, at 14 months, we are loving each step and each age.  These two girls remind us how to be young again, how to enjoy every member of the family and to always have each other's back!

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