Saturday, January 8, 2011

Time for reflection

So the 6Th came and went. As most Catholics know you must keep out your decorations until January 6Th. I was able to get the decorations boxed up and ready for storage without too much effort this year. I find that as I put the decorations away, I get very reflective. I am probably too busy as I get them out to think about anything but my to do list. I have so many questions for myself as I box the trinkets up. I think of my friends Linda, Kelly and Natalia. When they packed Christmas decorations did they even think that they would not be here the next year when the items were open? Did Natalia's mom wonder if either of her children would be gone the next year? I am sure not, we don't think about those things.Everyone knows that I want to move. I wonder, will I unwrap these items in this house next year or somewhere else? What does the year hold for us? How will our lives have changed 11 months from now? Will we all be here? Will we be happy? Will we be more fit? Will we have any more children? Will our finances be better or worse? What new friends will see the tree next year? So many questions that only He knows the answers to. I resolve, as I wrap up the last box, as I always do to just leave it up to HIM.
God, please bless 2011 for the Texas T's,
protect us from harm,
let us live our adventures,
keep us close to your heart,
never let us leave your side. Amen.


  1. I do constantly think about stuff like that, to a fault. Taking down Christmas decor for me is also a time for introspection, resolutions, and prayer. Alas, I still have yet to do it in my house though, our tree is down but the nativity is still on our beautiful mantle!

  2. I love keeping my Christmas decorations up until Jan. 6th, but then comes trouble! he he he! The 6th turns into the 7th turns into the 12th...LOL. I've gotten much down, but the poor tree is still hanging on for dear life. Ornaments and ribbon and angel off...lights and bead garland still on. And now I've lost all motivation! :)

    I was reading thru some of your more recent posts. Kids growing up is so bittersweet. Nice not to spend money on diapers, but that last tangible "babyhood" item has disappeared! *sigh*

    Who knows...only God...maybe you'll have one more! My great-grandmother had her last at 48!



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