Saturday, January 8, 2011


We became members of the Houston Zoo last March. We only went a few times. To be honest the zoo is OK, not at all as exciting as the St. Louis Zoo. I don't say that to offend anyone just to point out that I have been disappointed in the zoo here. I know that the zoo has been worked on for over 100 years so I bet that this zoo just has some more growing and developing to do. That being said we became members and had to join at a high level to get enough tickets for the entire family. I find that so offensive. I am not a grandparent but I have to buy a grandparent pass for just my kiddos. Then the heat of where we live means that I just don't wake up in the morning and suggest we head to the zoo. So on the 7th day of January I surprised the kiddos and did just that. The weather was delightful. It was in between two cold fronts and temps were around 70. Perfect for walking around. We kept cool but not cold, certainly not hot!

WE crawled in tubes and looked at fish.

We saw snakes, crocs and frogs. Walk walk walk.

We also saw some monkeys and apes. Look one of my own is swinging from the vines. So proud.

So we all know that the homeschool world will start back up soon and these adventures will stop, but this was the perfect day.

Love those kiddos! They were my favorite creatures at the zoo.

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  1. Such a cute post! My favorite line..."look at my own hanging from the vines"! Love it.

    I agree with your feelings about Zoo passes (or any other family attraction) with regard to getting enough tickets for all family members.

    Society is so geared toward the family of four. 4-pack this and 4-pack that. Generally speaking, society does not encourage or support big families.

    Someone commented the other day about my "big" family. And I laughed out loud. Not to be rude, but please...3 kids is now considered a "big" family. I don't think so. You have 9, my girlfriend Anne Marie is about to deliver her 6th in a month or so, another blogger friend is about to have #6 in a day or so and Muffy has 5. Now that is a BIG family!

    Although I do wish I had a big family. *sigh*

    Mary Catherine is named after my grandmother (maternal) who had 6 living (first born died in childbirth...can you even imagine?!!!) children. I KNOW that GOD chose her to watch over me and guide us through our long struggle with infertility. I may not get 6, but I'll take my THREE! YIPPEEE!!!

    Blessings Shannon,



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