Monday, January 10, 2011

Dad's First Deer

My bucket list does not include deer hunting but J's did. He has always had a desire to go hunting. He is a city boy and it wasn't something that his family did for recreation. Now we live in Houston and everyone hunts. J has been a little behind the eight ball in that respect. The opportunity finally fell into his lap and he made plans to go to the "Ranch" with our next door neighbor KP. Mr. KP co-owns the ranch with his adult sons. His boys had the ranch booked all season until the very last week. In fact by the time J got to go it was just doe season, so no buck antlers for the wall. KP set J up with everything he needed. They spent a few days just enjoying time out at the Ranch. Then it was time and J pulled the trigger. KP told the processor that he was surprised the city boy followed through.
J got her with one shot. Way to go Big J, but to be honest this city girl isn't sure how she will feel when it comes to using the meat. Thanks to KP for making this dream happen.

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  1. I haven't had venison very often, but venison chili is really good! My sister's ( husband and sons hunt quite a bit, so she may be able to help you out on that one. But...she doesn't cook very often, so I'm not sure what they do with all that meat! :D


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