Saturday, January 15, 2011

"JPII - We Love You!!!"

If you were ever blessed to be in the crowd when Jon Paul II passed by then you certainly were blessed to be a part of that chanting. J, Pooker, Mimi and I were lucky enough to see him during his visit to St. Louis in January of 1999. Fr. Tom Keller made sure that we were involved. I worked so hard to help with the Mass. Jason was right there with top security clearance to assist in setting up the beautiful Mass the JPII had with the good people of St. Louis. From that experience I can say that when JPII came close (entered the building) a calm fell over everyone. I know that the Holy Spirit was with JPII and allowed His Peace to fill all those near him. I am not at all surprised that he will be beatified on May 1st. I am so happy with this news that JPII is on the way to being declared an official Saint of the Roman Catholic Church. It is great news and I can't do the story justice like a fellow blogger. Follow the link (click here), to see the quotes and pictures she gathered. Beautiful! Thank you flowergarenia at My Little Flower for the wonderful reminder.
Great News: John Paul II to be beatified on May 1st, 2011

John Paul II Pray for us!


  1. Neen, how blessed you and your family were to be in the presence of this holy man, this Saint!! I wonder if the picture you posted was taken by you. oh to have been so close to him. thank you for your kind words and link to me. My heart is celebrating JPII's elevation to blessed - hood. I love your blog header and sidebar pics. I marvel that you are able to get a picture with everyone in it!

  2. Not my picture, I was never that close. My husband was. So many great memories with that. I have written a very long note about that wonderful time that I will adapt and post closer to May 1st.

    Thank you for the kinds words. My kids are just too cute! It is hard to get a good picture. Sometimes we get lucky. I am not going to go for perfect anymore and just get a shot. I love your blog also, it is so bright and your daughter is beautiful.

  3. There will never be another one like him, for sure!


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