Monday, June 15, 2009

Pooker's last regular meet!

I am so proud of this swimmer. She didn't start swimming until she was 12 years old. She was used to the water but didn't know any strokes. She is now a real leader for this team. She has about 20 moms that refer to her as their "Dani". She calls them her "Cuda moms". They all worry about her sun burning and only swim when she is life guarding.
Her first swim years ago was so scary to her. She swam, got out of the water, got sick and then came back and kept going. She didn't let herself give up. She sets high standards for herself and then pushes herself to reach them. Way to go Pooker baby.
This little man worked hard to stay cool. The temps were in the 100's and very humid. I was constantly shoving water at him. We also enjoyed the sprinklers. I was the oldest one running through but I didn't care. I was very hot. We all were. We did a great job keeping everyone hydrated (or so we thought - check out the next post).
Go Pooker! She made All Stars invitational meet in each category she swims in. Considering that six years ago we didn't even know what the those categories were, she is very impressive.

Swim team will be so different next year with you not on the team. You are one of our favorite Cuda's. As your mom I only hope that you tackle life with the same spirit that you tackled this adventure.

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