Sunday, June 28, 2009

All-Stars and the end of Swim Season

This weekend ended the 1009 swim season. The invitationals were held over the weekend. Pooker qualified in every one of her strokes and was asked to swim in a few relays. Pickle was the same way. Princess qualified in one event and Bear was asked to swim in one relay.

Our team has the tradition of placing these "fish" in the yards of those swimming in the the post season events. We loved these adorable designs of each of our "fish".
It is hard to see but Pickle wanted to understand what a six pack is, he asked the question during practice this year. This is why if you look very closely you will see a "6 pack" on the chest of his little fish.

Princess was so excited about going to All Stars.

The biggest Cuda fan is sitting here enjoying time between events. This poor little guy was so sick of watching swimmers that before our last event on Saturday he cried and cried. After his fit he perked up, we went home for a late afternoon nap and he was then happy again. He is such a good trooper. Way to go Jumba. He is always proud of his big siblings, he cheers them on and someday I hope they can return the love. I know they will.

Go Princess, I know you can do it.

Look at all my swimmers with two young boys that cheered with us over the weekend.

One thing that we love about swimming is that it involves the entire family.

The friend in the the orange and white is visiting from Doha on the other side of the world. He swam with us last year and then moved far, far away. It was great to see him and his family again.

Jumba is yelling, "Go UUdas!!!"

Our two Sunday swimmers. Swim fast guys and make Dad happy.

Our Saturday swimmer. Princess was fast.

All the fans watching and cheering.

Pickle enjoyed cheering on Sunday but he would rather be in the water.

Sugar loves being around all the people. She had a blast on both Saturday and Sunday.

GO Cuddas! Thank you dear Cuddas for all the fun this year. I am glad that it is now over but we sure did have a fun year!

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