Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rain!! 70 days from the last storm

The national news seams to be covering the mid-west and their heat issues but not mentioning the deep south like Houston. The area is in the middle of a huge drought. We last received rain on April 18th. It rained so much on the 17th and 18th. Mimi and Fr. Tom were visiting then and wondered if it ever stopped. Well it did and hasn't rained in 70 days.

This rain came in a very short spot shower. The air was so hot that the streets dried up within the hour. The water pooled on top of the ground. The plants were drooping and might now start to perk up a tad. I know it worked for the kiddos. They perked up and ran around. We know that the shower was very local (our neighborhood only) and wanted to prove to our friends that it happened. It didn't last long but felt good.

These are very happy faces. The weather has been dry and also very very hot. It was in the high 80's back in April. It just continued to get hotter and hotter. The past several weeks it hasn't been cooler than the high 90's. We have broken several records the past few days going over 100's. Hot hot hot. The rain was here long enough to create a steam bath.

We loved the rain. It was cooling for just a few minutes. If felt good coming down. We acted like children on Christmas morning when it started to fall. Thank you God for the little reminder that it will not last forever.

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