Monday, June 29, 2009

Father Daughter Dinner Dance

The homeschool group had a great time on Sunday night. A group within our Bread of Life group formed last year. We have not been able to join them but they have a great time. The group is for girls between 5 and 13. It is called the Pickwick Society, based on Little Women. They have done some very cool project from what we have heard. One of their latest adventures was to learn some of the formal dances from times past. The girls sent formal invitations to their friends and we were lucky enough to be invited. Sugar was asked to join her friend, Faith for the evening. Her official escort would be her father and the rest of her family. As all adventures with this great group of people, we had a blast.

Sugar was the one invited to this Father Daughter event. We all got to be her escorts. Jumba was one of her favorites.
Dad told us that he hated to dance and did not plan on having fun. There is something about a dad and his daughters that can soften that thought. He had a blast with Sugar and the rest of the crowd.
Bear and Moogie fight all the time. One of the other girls told her that she could dance with her brother if her dad was busy with another daughter. Bear stepped up to the plate for his sister here. I was a little shocked but mostly proud. He is a good brother and Moogie was so happy.

This is the group that tried the formal dances from past times. The dads were so wonderful to try this with their daughters. Bear was the only big brother willing to give it a try.
A closer look of my crowd.

Pooker decided to treat her escort to food, knowing that it would encourage him to last longer on the dance floor. Honestly he loves to dance. We often just watch him at home.

These are my three older kiddos. I was worried that they would be upset being there. The night was set up with the younger girls in mind. These three didn't waste time. They fit right in as always. The night was a blast and even the older crowd loved it.
Sugar loved that special time with her daddy. She was great at sharing him but the first few dances were hers. I am sure they are making fun of the entire dance here but at least they are laughing.

Bear and Jumba trying out new moves.

My husband is a real ladies man. Not all the girls in his circle are his but he always had the biggest crowd around him during the dances.

It took us forever to convince Pickle to get out there and dance. He put up a fight but in the end his sisters won. They convinced him to give it a try and he had a blast. The rest of the night we couldn't get him off the dance floor.

My guys clapping.

These two are close and this was a special dance to see. I know it will be repeated at weddings and celebrations many times over. Poor Bear just has so many sisters to dance with. He does a great job and making each one feel special.

Bagel loved her daddy time.

The line dances were so funny to watch. My kiddos take them WAY TOO SERIOUSLY. Reminds me of their Gramps when he would prepare for the dance at the auctions.

Pooker with two of her men.

Pickle took after Bear and worked hard at making sure his sisters had a great time out on the dance floor.

Bagel had a great time at the dance. I have a ton of great pictures of her.

She even makes me look good!

Dad and mom tried to dance a few times. We are not any good and are always interrupted. WE had fun non the less. Here I am trying to stop Jumba from pulling his shirt over Moogie's head.

What a goof ball!
Here we are trying again. Fun times!

One of Princess's good friends had the same dress on. This is Charity our friend from homeschooling and swimming. They clean up nice. They have always been so much alike that I really do find it funny that they are dressed the same here. Notice Jumba not wanting to miss being in the picture.

This was a wonderful night. I have found that in the homeschool world we often worry about missing a program that a school does. If we miss it enough we just plan one for ourselves. This is a perfect example of how we don't miss out on anything. When we do it we can make it better. This was not just a dance for the 5th graders it was a family dance. How perfect is that?!?!? Thank you to those that put it together and to Faith for inviting Molly and the rest of us. We had a total blast. (More pictures for my friends can be found on FaceBook.)


  1. What a fun family activity! I love that it wasn't just a 5th grade dance, but a family dance! I think it speaks loads about your parenting that even your oldest were there to not only join in the fun, but ENJOY themselves!

    As I was reading through some of your older posts I noticed you mention the lack of rain and high temperatures. I hope that there is a break soon for your area...and not just your development! LOL

    Blessings to you,

  2. Mrs. T your kids are absolutely beautiful :)
    I've only had the great opportunity to meet 3 of them, but they look like such a happy bunch :)


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