Monday, November 14, 2016

Sister Visited LifeTeen

We had a real treat for those that were able to come to Catholic Coffee Club. The night before Mrs. W met a young women who was a student at Columbine Highschool when the largest shooting on a school campus occurred. After surviving this tragic even this young women went to find Christ, find her way into the Catholic Church, and even to devote her life as a sister.  Her family lives near St. Anthony of Padua parish now but are not Catholic.  She is home for a week of free time before she takes her final vows.  If she can work us into her morning she will join us at CCC to share her story.  Thank you Mrs. Westhoff for inviting her.  


This young women, Sister Maria Gianni from the Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ sat with us, shared her story and prayed with each of the teens and for us.  We learned so much from her story and her explanation of her beautiful young order!

Thank you so much sister for taking the time to share with these young people.

We all left this class with great memories and strong desire to pray for Sister and for each other.

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