Friday, November 11, 2016

Little Car Trip

Dad invited us to join him for a trade show up north.  We wanted to see some leaves so we piled in and took a travel day.  J worked the whole time but the rest Bagel, Jumba and the twins all had little adventure with us.  On the way home J took a vacation day and we stopped to visit with Bear at school.  That was probably the highlight of the trip.  

 I really do like the coffee at QT - alas none in Houston.
 The hotel breakfast were like little adventures with their dad each morning.
 We killed the time site seeing, shopping and visiting random parks.  The weather was cool but not cold.

 It was a pretty depressing Fall.  Here we were in the second week of November and most of the trees had not changed or had become just brown without much fan fair.  We asked the locals and they were disappointed.  We took only a few pictures as there really were not many to see.

 For our vacation day we stopped at a museum.  We played a little.
 Then the traveling continued .

 Our favorite part was seeing Bear.  We miss him so much.

 The girls didn't want to let go of his hands as we toured the school.

 After lunch we headed home.  We love you Bear.
 Dad thanks for letting us tag along.

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