Monday, November 14, 2016

Our New Friend Evie

I went to Ursuline Academy in St. Louis, Missouri.  It was/is a small school private Catholic all-girls school.  It was fun environment back in the 1980's.  The school motto was "serviam", meaning "I will serve."  When I found out that a sister of one of my classmates would be in town to visit a hospital with her child I wanted to help in some way.  That is easier than you might think.  Jackie is very self sufficient and didn't really need anything.  We offered just a meal and some time away from the hospital when Evie was having her one and only off day!  
I can't even explain why Evie needed to be in town.  Instead I will link you to Evie's Entourage.  This is basic info about Evie but I could never explain all the specifics.  
"Everleigh (Evie) was diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) at 9 weeks of ageon February 11, 2015. This page is dedicated to her journey."  
This is from her Facebook page, you can follow her journey and discover why they were in Houston at Texas Children's Hospital.  We had a blast with Evie, she is from a family with several big brothers and being so far from them must have been hard on her (and her mom and grandma).  It felt like Evie fit right in, she loved all the kids and played with them.  So many smiles from a precious young lady. I can see why Evie and her mom Jackie are so beloved by my friend and classmate Carolyn.  
"We had a great visit and a delicious home cooked meal today with our new Houston friends! Thank you T family!! Your home felt like home :-) Evie pictured here with 5 of the 11 T children. Awesome family!"

"HUGE shoutout to my Ursuline Academy sister, Neen!!! She along with her family welcomed my sister, mom and niece, Evie into their home tonight for dinner!! Jackie, my mom and niece have been in Houston since November 2 so this was a wonderful change of pace!! I'm so thankful to the T family and for carrying on the Ursuline motto of Serviam!!"

After our visit Evie went on to have several surgeries involving her brain over the next three weeks.  We all are down with colds and I knew we should keep our distance.  Hopefully we can visit with our new friends again either her or back in St. Loius.
This is a picture of Evie after one of her surgeries.  She and her mom are absolute pillars of strength.  Please pray for them, for Evie's continued health and for their family.

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