Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Happy With the Election

I do not really want to be political here.  Although in fairness, if we are recording family activities here I will need to say that election discussion is a big part of our homeschool conversations.  I have grabbed just a few of the memes that came over Facebook that I laughed at or enjoyed.  

 I am amazed at the number of people that have taken the stand that "Trump is not my president!" just because they do not like him.  I have hated our current president as a policy maker.  I disagree with just about everything the man has stood for or done.  I am a proud citizen of the United States and have never declared that "he isn't my president."  The world is a crazy place.  I do hope that Trump can make America great again.  Good or bad he is the choice, so deal with it.  We are blaming the Russians, voter fraud and all kinds of ludicrous scenarios.  This one came from a friend who knew how happy we were for the Cubs!  Silly! Now if I could only get Pickle's impersonation of the new president.  He has made us laugh with his voice for months now!

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