Thursday, May 5, 2016

Last Days At Lone Star Together

"Ohh No someone is spreading lies around the math building at loneStar!!!"

"Last day of a 7am class!!!!!" 

 "Last normal day for all three of us on campus! Sad but exciting! I love these two and so glad I was able to spend time with them these guys these last couple semester! Y'all are the best! Love y'all! 💙 good luck with finals everyone!"
"That's it! I'm done with physically going to school at lone star! Just two more online summer classes and I'll have my associates."

I had to take these from the kid's Facebook pages.  They enjoyed sharing some of their college years together.  That warms my heart so much!  Bear and Goobers are finishing up their associates and will move be moving on to universities.  All three will not be together at the same place again.  I love that they were there to support each other and take care of each other.

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