Thursday, May 19, 2016

Twins Birthday

 "Look at how cute these two are! Happy 4th birthday to the youngest T hotties!"

"I'm gonna say batman! In a the picture" Happy 4th Birthday to these crazies! These two are some of the funniest people I know, and definitely some of my best friends! Happy Birthday Adorable and Beautiful!"

"Beautiful says, "I can't believe me and Adorable or this many ( hand with four fingers up)" Happy birthday Girls!" 

 Bear got the twins flowers to celebrate their day.  I love that he treats them like the ladies that they are!

These pretty girls are so much fun. 

I can't believe how much these two have changed our lives, and for the better.  

Their birthday is one for great celebration for all of us.  We all remember the day they were born and how scary that was.  
We all love them beyond words!
Adorable has a heart of gold.  She loves to hug and cuddle.  Beautiful is the thinker.  She often creates the plans that the two carry out.  They make me wish I had a twin.  They are the best of friends and always there to give everyone a happy greeting and kiss on the cheek.
Happy Birthday Adorable and Beautiful!

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