Thursday, November 12, 2015

Not Another House?

So now that we have started making phone calls to unload our current home it was time to start making decisions.  J was out of town but read about a huge deal going on a subdivision that we stopped looked at years before.  The houses had gotten way too costly but he said he found a deal and I needed to check it out.  Not to trilled with the idea of doing this alone I checked it out.  This house has the perfect size dinning room for our oversize table.  It is nice but not showy.  It has a ton of space.  It really is a better fit for us than either of the other ones we looked at, except there is not yard.  Well it is a very small yard backing up to neighbors all over the place.  

Sometimes when you just want to make a decision, finding another option just gets in the way.  This house is perfect on the square footage, the design and the cost. Really if felt like we would be getting a huge deal if we purchased during this sale.  What to do?  What to do?  We started praying about which house now and not if.  I still want to move north (and no 5 miles doesn't count!) but even with that in mind I think this one is easier to sell.  The subdivision is almost complete.  If we sell in a year we will not be competing with new construction.  It is the closest to church and the highway.  Dang it I didn't need to like another one.

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