Sunday, November 15, 2015

Goodbye Sequoia

One of our family pets passed away last night.  She had been coughing for a few months, like she had something caught in her throat.  J wanted to believe it was allergies, but in the end we think it might have been a growth.  Two days ago she ate much less and then yesterday she was inactive.   
March 2006

Jumba wanted to take both dogs on a walk to make her feel better.  Around 8 pm he and dad started the walk.  Sequoia headed back to the front door and collapsed on the sidewalk.  Jumba ran inside to tell the rest of us that he was worried.  As most of us stood there with her she looked around and then just stopped all together.  

Nov 3, 2015
We called those that were not home after sending a note saying it would probably be soon, not realizing it was minutes.
Nov 3, 2006
 In true T-Family style everyone came home and comforted the little ones and each other.  Together they helped bury the dog.  The kids helped the little ones write their notes to put with her.  We all said Good - Bye and Thank You.
Nov 14, 2015

Good Bye "Coy - ya" as the twins would call you.  Thank you for being a patient dog with the young ones.  Thank you for protecting our home.  Thank you for living your life with us!  2004 - 2015

Princess made sure to mark the area.

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