Monday, November 9, 2015

Need to blog again but also ask for prayers.

We have lost another friend to a battle with cancer, we have enjoyed another Miss Brenda visit, we have had another halloween and party, we have been searching for a new home, etc etc. I will blog soon and back date them. I need to express this before I share my prayer request.   I am thankful for so many things.  I am thankful for a nice home and my husbands fantastic job.

I write this to ask for prayers.  I know this will seam incredible silly in relation to all the needs of others in the world and it is why I have not posted anything like this before. I don't like Houston:  big shock to anyone reading my blog lol.  OK I have never been quiet about that.  We moved here being told it would be a two year stay.  J left that company after we were here 10 years with them.  He just celebrated his 3 year anniversary with his current company last week. He has a great job but the company is based in Houston so we are stuck here.

I keep praying that other options will open up.  So far that had not been the case.  We have decided that a newer home might be in order for our large family.  I struggle with moving anywhere that isn't north of the Mason Dixon line, so I am having a hard time.  I don't want to admit we are here and that we will be here any longer.  This is silly but it is a real struggle for me.

I miss so many things about other climates and towns.  I love the people, I have so many great friends.  I love the parish church we are in.  I struggle with don't love the weather.  I don't love feeling so isolated from extended family. I know we need to move on.

I write this post to ask you to say a little prayer for me.  Pray that my prayer is answered and we can once again live elsewhere or pray that I can learn to accept this as God's will and find peace here in Houston.  I choke on those words.  I need help in accepting this.

See it is silly but I sincerely ask for your prayers.  I know that a move will be good for the family but I am holding back.

I sincerely thank you for your prayers.  

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