Sunday, November 8, 2015

Lectio Devina at LifeTeen - Are you crazy?

There is a beautiful page from a Carmelite order that explains the details and beauty of this contemplative prayer.  Click here to visit that site and to read all about this form of praying.  It really is a beautiful way to grow deeper in our prayer life.  

 I always assume that there is not way the teens can get this, and I am so wrong.  My freshman group sat very quiet in prayer and I hope they are inspired to try this again and again.  
I really do feel blessed to be invovled in such a rich LifeTeen program with so many teens that are truly growing in their faith.
Chris always has a costume on and yet I never can catch it on my camera.  He took off the Goofy head just as I whipped out the camera.  He is another great Lifeteen kiddo.  STAOP is such a blessing in this regards.  Funny thing is that I get into conversations with other moms that think their kids are better than this program.  I understand because I used tone there.  When I pushed back years ago when Pooker wanted to get involved I was encouraged to get involved and make changes if they were really needed.  What I learned came with a huge does of humility but I am so thankful for it.  yes some of kids don't even know the "Our Father" but I watch the well formed kids teach them and not make fun of them.  I watch the well formed kids go even deeper with nights like tonight.  It is a beautiful thing!

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