Sunday, November 8, 2015

Which House ? Should we do it?

So we have the "let's move bug" and we can afford to do it, but there are so many decisions.  The only thing we know for sure is that we want to be closer to church.  J and I found 2 inventory homes from two separate builders that we wanted the kids to look at.  One we have been doing at for weeks and one we have been looking at for a few days.
 We hoped they liked house #1.

If house #1 wins then I wanted to grab a kid shot in front of it.  The back yard in this home is the best I have ever seen.  It is a huge corner lot and it is fantastic.  The down side is that the dinning room is tight and we have a super huge dinning room table.  We can make it work for sure but it is also in a brand new neighborhood.  it would b the first or second house sold and the yard would be wonderful but if we needed to sell anytime soon we would be competing with new construction.  

After checking out the neighborhood pool we moved the kiddos to house #2.  We knew they would like #2, but it was very costly compared to house #1.

 This is a very open concept house.  We love that it added the fireplace and our dining room would fit for sure.  It is a little bit farther away from church (not much like 1 minute).  This is a big lot with a park behind it.  There would be plenty of parking space but the only issues would be the cost and unseeded back yard.  Just dirt.
So many things to process as we house hunted.  Did we really want to move knowing that we will be moving again soon (I keep praying that we will be magically translated back to the mid west but until that happens . . . )  What could we get for our current home?  Would all the trouble be worth it?  We are now at the point where we want to stop saying what if and actually start the process.  13 years in a home that we liked but never loved, that we felt cornered into because of the need to transfer quickly and after the broken promises of it only being a 2 year house we are ready for a new start.  So many things we would do differently but you live and learn, so here we go.  

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